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We are excited about providing young girls and women with education, choices in family planning, and social support through local programs.

Girl Talk Curriculum 

Self Worth: Value One-Self, Love One Self, Respect One Self


  • Self-esteem 

  • Who are you? 

  • Self-confidence and body image

  • Self-respect

  • Empower one another


Puberty And Menstrual Cycle: What Makes Boys And Girls Different?


  • Puberty

    • Physical Changes​

    • Emotional Changes

    • Social Changes

  • Gift of menstruation

    • Menstrual Cycle: Explanation of cycle and reproductive system

    • Explain and demonstrate how to use and care for AfriPads

Sexual Decision Making: Sex Should Be Special Because You Are Special.


  • Understanding romantic relationships

  • Why you are worth waiting for (you are beautifully and perfectly made)

  • Abstinence and its connection to pregnancy prevention

  • Prevention of STDs/HIV

Reproduction Basics And Birth Control Options


  • Fertility and the reproduction basics

  • How babies are conceived and sexual intercourse 

  • Birth control options (demonstrate female condom, discuss implant)

Sexual Abuse And Assault:
Possible Threat Of Sexual Abuse And Rape
Your Right To Say ‘No’ When Pressured By An Adult To Engage In Intercourse


  • My body - my rights

  • Hints to prevent sexual assault – avoid being alone

  • What to do when ask or coerced into sex. (Run and tell)

  • Rape explained (it is not your fault). Tell and get tested for STDs.

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