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We are eager to educate not just our girls but also our boys regarding self-worth, choices in family planning, and ethical ways to treat females.

Boy Talk Curriculum

Self Worth: Value One-Self, Love One Self, Respect One Self


  • Self-esteem 

  • Who are you? 

  • Self-confidence and body image

  • Self-respect

  • Empower one another

Puberty: What Makes Boys And Girls Different
  • Puberty Changes​​

    • Physical Changes​

    • Emotional Changes

    • Social Changes


Sexual Decision Making: Sex Should Be Special Because You Are Special


  • Understanding romantic relationships

  • Why sex is worth waiting for 

  • Abstinence and its connection to pregnancy prevention

  • Prevention of STDs/HIV


Reproduction Basics And Birth Control Options


  • Reproduction basics

  • How babies are conceived and sexual intercourse 

  • Birth control options 

Ethical Way To Treat Girls/Women

  • When a girl says NO it means NO

  • Do not intimidate, threaten or force a girl to engage in a sexual relationship - that is sexual abuse and rape.

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